About Us

Distressed Property Sales is designed with the buyer and seller in mind.

Distressed Property Sales understands that life is more complicated, uncertain and forever changing more often, frequently and quickly than ever before.

What might have been a stable business, a secure job, an almost guaranteed investment and so forth, might not be today or tomorrow and the team at Distressed Property Sales understands this.

If you are in a challenging situation that you did not foresee yourself to be in, there is no need to panic, be ashamed or embarrassed. Distressed Property Sales understands this is life, more so now, than ever before.

Subsequently, if you need to sell your home fast, be proactive and helpful with supplying information as we want to help you achieve the best possible price for your property, in addition to ensuring investors have all the information they need to make an offer.

Distressed Property Sales advises you to be as transparent as possible with your property, the good and the bad. The more open and forthcoming with information you are, the more confident investors will be to make you an offer.

Furthermore, the less likely a potential buyer will be from pulling out of the property purchase.

We hope Distressed Property Sales helps you to sell your property fast.