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Distressed Property Sales specialise in fast property sales for those who need to sell their home or property or investment as quickly as possible.  Distressed Property Sales boasts a network of investors, high networth individuals, landlords and companies who are cash rich, ready and able to buy your property fast. Distressed Property Sales is designed only for those who want and need to sell their property as soon as possible, in addition to those ready and capable of buying as quickly as possible.

Why Us?

Unlike the traditional route of selling your property via an estate agency

whereby it takes time to value the property, list the property, advertise, marketing and promote the property, qualify potential buyers, arrange viewings, negotiate, agree a price, rely upon lenders and solicitors during what could be a 3 to 12 month property transaction.

Distressed Property Sales excels in rapid turnaround times with timescales closer to 7-60 days for most property purchases to go from agreeing a price through to completion. And this is due to Distressed Property Sales matching up someone keen to sell fast and a buyer ready to act immediately.

The network connected to Distressed Property Sales understands they need to buy your home quickly and this is the entire purpose of this business model.

Sell/ Invest

Buyers are advised to be cash ready buyers. Or to have finance already in place and able to transact on the property purchase swiftly.

If you need to sell your home, property or investment fast, then Distressed Property Sales can help you with this pursuit.

Provide Distressed Property Sales with as much information of your property as possible, including any improvements you have made as well as issues. What you bought the property for, what you believe the market value is and what you would ideally like for the property to get it sold fast. By providing all of this information to Distressed Property Sales  you are placing yourself as the seller in the best possible position for a speedy property transaction, whereby the buyer will not pull out and stay committed to buying your property from you.

So give us a try and hopefully we can help you.